Arash Afshar

Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

Portrait Photography

What’s in Your Portrait?

I find that with any portrait I take, I am being granted entry into a person’s life, even if for a fleeting moment.  Portrait photography is a very intimate experience between the photographer and their subject(s).   

As with all my work, taking portraits isn’t about showing up at a venue with my camera and snapping shots. Sometimes the shot is pretty straightforward or the alignment between my subjects and I is so immediate that magic happens within a few minutes of shooting. But generally, I prefer to take some time getting to know the person or persons I’m capturing. I want to hear their story and why we are spending this moment in time together. It’s important to me that I get to know the people I’m shooting, even if just small glimpses into their lives and why we are capturing these moments together. I get a sense of their style and what they want to convey but more importantly, what their most honest inner being is striving to express. It helps me find the nuances and special moments that people want to grab hold of and keep. There is so much of a person’s story shared in a single image: their personal joy, their family’s history and life landmarks. The images we record often will become the fabric of their life story.

I am honored that people choose to share these special times and milestones in their lives with me.  As such, it is very important to me that when I shoot portraits that I capture the essence of what they’re trying to share, whether it’s the celebration of life or documentation of an accomplishment.  

Portrait photography evokes the most feeling of all the work I do and I love meeting the subjects and sharing these moments with them. 


Individuals, Couples and Professional Portrait Photography Sessions: $650

This includes planning the shoot, approximately an hour of shooting, photo selection and post production. These sessions typically yield 5-8 final digital images.

Family Portrait Photography Session: $775

Since we’re juggling more complicated humans, these sessions may yield less images depending on the number of family members. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that someone’s eyes are always closed.

Up to six family members. Add $25 for each additional subject.

Shoots outside Central San Diego may incur additional charges for travel.