Arash Afshar

Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

San Diego Event Photography

Stories and Promotion Through Images

I’ve had the pleasure of covering a wide variety of events from concerts and festivals to political gatherings to community events. 

I approach event photography as I would a marketing shoot. That is, I hope every snap is good enough to be used in your organization’s marketing collateral or as a hero image on your website. When on site at events, I often have a lot of fun talking to people and getting their buy-in to the story I want to tell, rather than always hiding and shooting from a distance. Often, my focus is the community attending the event rather than simply crowd and location shots of the event.

Your event has a story and thus should be documented using an integrated approach. The final collection of images may serve as a photo essay of all that went into this occasion. The story is important and the photos, taken together or singularly, should show the essence of the gathering. Some will be candid. Some will be direct. Some will show the space and venue.    

Ultimately, I’m fitting in as many details as I can into every single shot. Clients usually want to see their logo and a flattering angle of their services and locations.  I give them that but often, in the middle of that, I try to find a main character. A customer enjoying said location with the logo in the foreground—now that tells a story. An image is easily worth more than a thousand words when done right.