Arash Afshar

Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

San Diego Business Photography

Full Spectrum Visual Storytelling for Businesses, Non-profits and Government

Business photography is just like shooting portraits of a person but instead my subject is a business entity or professional institution. I will embed with your organization in order to document various aspects of your business, showcasing your staff in action, your products, interiors and exteriors. My goal is to hand your a large batch of images that can be used for a variety of your needs. They may include headshots, images for your marketing collateral, social media posts and your website. 

I have extensive experience photographing businesses, non-profits, government agencies, politicians and executive leaders. When photographing a business or government agency, I like to get to get to know the people responsible for the day to day operations. Individuals are what make an organization tick and I love showcasing an organization through their most human components. I find it fun to shadow a person and see what they do when in their element. Getting to know people and the work they do, allows me to see angles of their workplace that they might not have considered. People often forget the beautiful nuances of their work and I derive joy in spotting those little things and showing it to them. Business photography provides me with the delightful experience of watching people’s faces when they see the final images; to see what they see every day but through new eyes. 

As an avid supporter of our community and of small businesses, I offer special rates for small businesses with less than 50 employees with brick and mortar locations. I will create large batches of photos for you to use for your website, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media.

Small Business Full Spectrum Visual Storytelling is great for:

  • Merchant and retail  
  • Office-based businesses and services
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Non-Profit Centers

San Diego County Rates

  • Quoting rates begin at $850 for half day and $1250 for full day for organization with 50 employees or less, based on the standard eight hour business day
  • Shoots outside Central San Diego may incur additional charges for travel
  • Deliverable is all unedited RAWs and/or JPEGs
  • Additional hourly rates on site and for post production start at $15o/hour unless otherwise agreed upon.

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