Arash Afshar

Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

San Diego Commercial Photography

Going With Your Flow

There is a crispness to polished commercial photography that is satisfying on a very different level to a professional artist. The convergence of creatives, project managers and multiple stakeholders geared toward presenting a specific product or service yields a very different kind of adventure for an artist. Whether it’s showcasing people, places or products, I understand that the goal is ultimately the story we are telling and this is evidenced by the visuals I produce.

Commercial photography involves working with multiple collaborators such as hair and makeup professionals, producers, professional clients, models and actors to present a unified message. I enjoy bringing my personal style to commercial shoots and working to make the business clients, project managers and models all feel equally comfortable and fully engaged in the process. Whether I am taking direct art direction or working to bring a more abstract idea to life, I go into shoots with certainty that the deliverables will be one all involved parties can be proud of.

Scheduling all aspects of a shoot is an important part of the process in order to ensure the entire project stays under budget and able to meet all deadlines. Adhering to the project timeline is important and the ability to improvise within those parameters can often save a shoot. There are times where the clock is ticking, the light is going and the only way we’re wrapping our day is to take that extra step and pull together personal resources.

I am equally happy delivering a large batch of RAW shots to an agency photo editor or work with the client in the post production process. Rates for commercial shoots will vary depending on a large variety of factors and I’m very happy to travel if the job requires it. Let’s talk!