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Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

San Diego Professional Headshot Photography

As Important as Your Email and Business Card

Professional headshot photography is probably the most common service I provide in the Southern California region. A professional portrait is more than simply a photo of you in front of a pretty backdrop. The energy of a location, the wind on our skin, the sun casting a perfect glow… All that tells a story and effects the final energy a photo conveys to the viewer. My favorite places to shoot are natural ones and being mobile allows me to draw inspiration from the spirit of new locations. 

First Impressions

Chances are that you see so much professional headshot photography around you that you understand its importance. Such a simple little thing; a small avatar on LinkedIn or your website. But that quick glance contacts and potential clients make when looking at your business card or website is your only chance to make a first impression. It is of utmost importance to me that your headshot says exactly what you want it to say.

Setting up in your workspace or conference room is sometimes the most efficient approach. But whenever we can, I prefer to move the shoot outdoors where we can utilize natural light. Living in Southern California gives us the privilege of utilizing the greatest photo studio of all.

My clients and I have had the most consistent success in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, but I’m happy to meet you anywhere within the San Diego region. The sessions often take about 20 minutes. The photo selection process along with post production and photo editing can take a week or two.

Curious to read more about what the experience is like? Read my blog post about how to dress, what to expect and more fun little tidbits.

Mobile Headshot Single subject 20-minute session 

We meet somewhere that works for both of us. You’ll come dressed in what you’d like to be photographed in and we shoot for 20 minutes. I’ll send you everything we shot.

  • $195 covers approximately 20 minutes of shooting
  • Deliverables are JPEGs of everything we’ve shot
  • You may select one final for basic portrait edits
  • $55 for more complex edits and color correction per additional image
  • Got a group of folks? Let’s work something out!


More Professional Portrait Session Options 

You may want to try a couple different looks and require a variety of images for your website, LinkedIn and various other social media profiles. Single subjects in Central San Diego range from $350 to $750. See my current rate sheet for more. 

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