Arash Afshar

Photographer, Host of Burner Podcast and Founder of Justified Hype

I’m always happy to work outdoors with natural light and often with less human interaction than most other professions so. In addition, I find that social distancing has not been that difficult with a nice zoom lens.

I am vaccinated and am more encouraged to work with folks who are as well. Though I am very aware that many employers and managers are navigating the complexities and their staff’s individual lives and choices.

I believe in the importance of open, supportive and non-judgemental communication so we can all feel good about working together and being responsible members of our extended communities.

I’m happy to wear a mask if that is your preference.

I’ve had many shoots canceled if the weather isn’t cooperating. So it’s not much of a stretch to ask that if anyone is feeling the slightest bit under the weather, we postpone the shoot until we’re certain it’s not something we need to be concerned about.

My 100% satisfaction guarantee extends to if we need to cancel or reschedule due to a potential illness. Photoshoots are supposed to be fun. There is no judgement on my end and I’m more than happy to simply reschedule. If we cancel and the client has already paid, I’ll issue a refund. Feeling totally confident and comfortable is worth it. You’ll see it in the smiling faces and relaxed demeanors of the end product.

We’re all doing our best.¬†Let’s get through this together.

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