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Status: Completed April 2016

Challenge: Produce a video showcasing Jamahl Kersey’s law practice which incorporates the following:

  • Jamahl as a fluent Spanish speaker
  • His practice’s fields of expertise: immigration law and criminal defense
  • Communicate to his Hispanic San Diego audience
  • Connect with his black community
  • Convey the passion of his team and office culture
  • Showcase how passionately he speaks
  • Convey a sense of warmth balanced with strength
  • Keep within budget constraints meaning we were limited with audio capabilities and it was basically just me and a camera

The solution was to create a trilogy of video essays.

For the process, I interviewed Jamahl and recorded the interview so that I could write for him a script which was extracted from his own words and natural speaking patterns. He then made some slight edits of his own.

We filmed for an hour or so on three different days: Barrio Logan, his Barbershop in North Park and his office in Downtown San Diego.

Read more about the backstory at Justified Hype:


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