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In June I unofficially kicked off my vagabond life thing I’ve been wanting to do for year.

Mostly in SoCal this month. I’m working in San Diego, popping in to Laguna Niguel to check in on my dad and have been stationed in downtown Long Beach doing my morning writing. I’ve successfully incorporated a daily writing habit! My wordy word not photography book is in progress. My buddy Mike Torre is in Spain learning flamenco so I get to crash out at his amazing downtown LBC pad and have this as my office view. My daily vibe has become much more physically active. This past couple of days I’ve had excellent morning work sessions, broken up with short gym sessions, jumping into the ocean and sunset walks.

In the middle of this month I popped into help out friends throwing the Soul2Soul campout in Apple Valley and then drove my uncle Nader to LAX so he can fly back to the UK.

A photo I snapped on my phone of Dylan and his grandparents on the way to Burning Man was selected as an Honorable Mention by the National Council on Aging.

2023 Upcoming Destinations

My destinations are formulating. Typically a gig or project will take me towards a particular destination which then I’ll build around.

  • July 2023: I’ll be in Austin, Texas, photographing Shuniya Yoga Collective
  • Late July/Early August: Aiming at 2-3 weeks in NorCal and the Bay Area
  • Late August: I’m not planning to go to Burning Man. But I am fully preparing to end up going to Burning Man on a whim.
  • Early September: A week in Pasadena
  • September: Baja California
  • October: Pheonix, Arizona. Then back to Cali for YOUtopia, San Diego’s Regional Burning Man
  • November: India
  • December: TBD
  • January: San Diego. My birthday is 1/27 and I’ll be for sure planning my annual picnic in the park thing
  • Early February: We’ll be in Long Beach for an art show
  • Rest of February: Medellin, Columbia
  • March: TBD
  • April: Might end up in New Zealand!

Desired Destinations

These are the locations I have my sites on, that are calling to me for one reason or another. Once something hooks, I’ll build the rest of the trip around it. For now, just letting the universe do its thing.

  • Ibiza
  • Baja California
  • Denver
  • East Coat Roadtrip
  • Portland, Oregan
  • Sattle
  • Memphis

This Month’s Spotify Playlist – let’s see if I can keep this going. Here’s the songs I’ve been listening to a lot this month.

Wanna connect? Got something happening in your region? Put 10 minutes on my calendar for a chat.

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