Arash Afshar

Portraitist at heart. Lifestyle, Marketing and Tourism photographer by trade.

150 Ten Years

Status: Completed 2024

Arash reflects on a decade of Burning Man, the Burner community and Burner Podcast

Arash recorded the interview portion of the very first episode of Burner Podcast before attending his first Burning Man. With the transformative nature of Burning Man baked into the show, Arash reflects on a decade of growth, adventure and community. Unlike any previous editions of the show, this milestone episode features a solo scripted memoire by the host in six chapters: The Call, The Refusal, The Road, The Abyss, The Change and The Return.

Recorded in Las Vegas, NV, April of 2024

Additional recording at Proper Concept Studio in Long Beach, CA, March 2024

Closing set by Christian Goodell

Hear the full set at recorded at Burning Medellin on 2-9-24 at Heard From in El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia

Executive Producer Patrick Dylan Riley (

Read the compendium to this episode: Sometimes Just [censored] It

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